So you want to work with Stahr Media? Here's what you might be able to help us with:


At Stahr Media, we're laid-back, easygoing and genuinely fun people! We don't have a lot of rules and regulations because you're an adult, and if you've made it far enough through the process that we add you to our team, we're confident that you are responsible.

While we don’t offer the traditional benefits of paid time off, paid sick leave or insurance, you’ll find flexible hours, a relaxed work environment and a commitment to the important things in life: family and friends, mental and physical wellness, and community involvement.

We do not currently have any positions available. Please check back soon!


If you're going to work with us, here's some stuff you need to know:

That's it. You survived the required reading assignment! Now, let's learn a little more about Stahr Media.


At Stahr Media, we do just about anything related to design & technology. If we can't do it ourselves, we definitely know a guy.

Owner Nathan and COO Janel have been designing for many years, starting with artwork throughout our school years. In 1999 we got married, our hearts already set on business ownership in the future. After working for "the man" for several years, in 2005 we launched a small newspaper featuring local entertainment and things to do around the area. The paper was around for about two years, but health & family issues caused us to hang it up. We continued doing freelance design work, and in December 2013 Stahr Design became an LLC. In 2017 we changed our name to Stahr Media LLC to better reflect the wide range of work we do.

Around Thanksgiving of 2018 we had to move our dining room table to our living room, and desks and team members quickly took over our dining room. So in the spring of 2019 we purchased our first commercial property in uptown Rock Falls. After lots of renovations to make it our own, we moved into our new space in November 2019, and we're so excited to keep growing!

While the majority of our projects are web and print design, we do so many other things, as well, and it seems like we get strange new requests all the time. That's probably why you're here. So welcome to the Stahr team! We look forward to growing together!

Time to Sign the Papers

We know, we know; we're a cool tech company and you're thinking you should just be able to sign and turn in everything online, but our attorney says we need your John Hancock on a real piece of paper. If you've been hired, catch up with Janel to take care of all your paperwork ASAP.